Monday, September 21, 2020

2-pin or 3-pin plug? This is a problem

Some may think all Singapore electric home appliances must use 3-pin plug. Which is not the case. 

Basically, there are 3 types of legal plugs allowed to be used in Singapore. Refer to below image. Download the document for more details.

Legal Plugs in Singapore
It is not compulsory for an home appliances to use the 3-pin plug, even it bears a safety mark. BTW, not all appliances require a safety mark. Only controlled goods are required. We will elaborate on this matter in another post. 
Only in two cases, 3-pin plug must be used. (1) required by law. (2) the wattage of an appliance exceeds 500W. Let us explain the second case in details. 
Pay attention to the 2-pin round plug. It has a prefix "2.5 AMP". This indicates the maximum current allowed to flow through the wire. Apply the formulae: P = UI = 220 x 2.5 = 550W. In other words, the maximum wattage of an appliance which uses 2-pin plug is roughly 500 W.
Finally, a separate safety mark is required for the 3-pin plug. So an appliance should bear two safety marks, if it uses 3-pin plug. One for the appliance itself, another for the plug.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Shipping date, delivery date? What is the difference?

Some buyers are confused about the shipping date. They sometimes will call in and ask "why I wait for whole day, but there is no delivery man showing?"

Generally, shipping date is different from delivery date. Precisely, shipping date is earlier than delivery date, in most cases.

Okay. Imagine seller and buyer are two ports, separated by sea. The courier company, QXpress, Ninja Van, Road Bull, etc., is the ship.

The date the ship collects the order from the seller is the shipping date. Then, the ship will drift on the sea, struggling to the buyer, another port. And after some time, she ship arrives at the buyer. That day is called the delivery date.

The length of delivery depends on the distance, the service class, the capacity of courier, the weather condition, and many more. Even in Singapore the tiny island, delivery date is usually 1 or 2 working days after the shipping date.

Last but not the least. Buyers, what you can see from your account is usually the shipping date. So you don't need to wait at home on that day for your delivery. Usually, the delivery date is the next working day (including Saturday). 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Auction and Lucky Auction @ Qoo10

We are a seller at Qoo10 and, of course, other platforms. Qoo10 is a lovely and interesting platform. It has a lot of features which, as a customer, may not easily understand. Today, we will discuss about one feature: auction and lucky Auction.

Auction is just a regular auction. Any bidders can bid the item for as higher the price as they want, and for as many times as they wish. The bidding history is open to anyone for viewing and checking. And when auction goes to the end, the highest bidder win the product(s).

However, lucky auction (was called "Lucky Price") is totally a different game. We will elaborate more on it.

First of all, the bidders cannot bid freely any price. The price must be within the given range and multiples of bid unit. For instance, the bid range is $50 to $300, and bid unit $0.05. Then $49.90 and $300.10 are invalid, because they are outside the range. However, $50.04 is also invalid. Why? Because bid unit is $0.05, and the price must be multiples of the bid unit.

And most importantly, it is NOT the highest bid wins. The winner is randomly picked up by the Qoo10 server. No one knows the target price in the server's mind. So we are not fighting on prices, but we are fighting on who has more luck.

Finally, at the end of lucky auction, if more than one bidder choose the same price, the server will randomly pick one lucky winner.

You may wish to try your luck now? We have a lucky auction ongoing now. Click the link below. The target is a Remington IPL hair remover, worth $459. Before you start, remember it is NOT the highest price wins. Wish you good luck!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Daily Maintenance for the iFan Evaporative Air Cooler, model IF7830

Many customers ask about how to use the iFan IF7830, evaporative air cooler. Please first refer to the instruction manual come with the box. Below is very simple instructions from a user's point of view.

  • To add water and/or ice packs
Please pull the container out from the back. Note that there is one stopper at the top of the container. Push it aside to pull out the container. 
  • To adjust the horizontal grating
Check the front cover. There are two independent levers which controls upper and lower part of the horizontal gratings.
  • To clean the filter
 There are two filters. You can remove them to clean, and install them back.
  • I cannot find the remoter
This is a bit tricky. If you cannot find the remoter. Please try to turn the bottom piece of foam around. It is hidden inside.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Induction Cooker model no. LH-E4 was chosen by Wonder Chef in Channel U

Ever since year 2009 first series of Wonder Chef in Channel U. The production team chose our Induction Cooker, model no. LH-E4, to be used in the final PK of each episode. Below left is the screenshot, and right is our product's picture.

You want to have the same weapon as the wonder chefs? Come to our webby store at to grab one. The selling price is $69, including a free stockpot!